PartyBoard has established a main body model for the most core social module in the operation of Metaverse, governance model, consensus model, economic model, communication model, and oracle model. At the same time, it uses smart contracts to give upper-level applications the ability to access the Metaverse social network. The Multi-chain Web3 Socialfi Protocol and Web3 Metaverse Social Network.

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We build PAB Metaverse in Blockchain

PAB (abbreviation of PartyBoard) metaverse contains two levels of concepts. The first is the Layer 2 protocol built on the blockchain network. The purpose of this agreement is to provide a stable and open social infrastructure for PAB metaverse. It is convenient for upper-level applications to quickly access the PAB metaverse. These applications include existing traditional Internet applications and new applications developed using the PAB protocol. The second level is the strong social networking developed by the PAB team and running on the PAB social protocol. application, For example, diversified friends, scene chat, etc. PAB demonstrates a metaverse constructed through social behavior and relationship graphs through these two levels, and supports the access of numerous third-party applications.

What We Do

Enter Most Fantastic Metaverse !

PAB users enter the metaverse through the invitation mechanism, find and participate in the social board through the connection relationship of the inviter, and then establish their own relationship in the metaverse, expand the social circle, so as to obtain real and valuable information in time, and at the same time through PAB The oracle contributes real and valuable information.
  • Meet Great People

    PAB users have a unique and protected metaverse virtual identity. Through this identity, they can establish their own social circle, be a solid person, and obtain true and reliable information.

  • Boards

    Board is the entrance to the PAB metaverse. Users join the board and use the services provided by the board to interact with other individuals. The types of boards cover all areas of social life and ensure the diversity of the metaverse.

  • Instant Rewards

    PAB metaverse runs on the blockchain value network, and users in metaverse obtain PAB Token through the social behavior incentive mechanism. Through specific Board services, users can also use defi, dex, NFT these blockchain network unique financial services.

PAB Boards

Find Boards to meet greate people

Our Team

The PAB team includes developers who worked in renowned companies and have successful project experience, as well as senior operators and experts who have been immersed in the target industry for many years. The PAB team is a team that focuses on the basics and landing applications of the blockchain industry. There are now a blockchain research, technology and business team of nearly 10 people. With the development of PAB and the increase in application market share, PAB will adopt an open attitude to attract talents who are willing to contribute to the community.